New paper out in Neuron!

Excited to have contributed to a new review article out on the history and applications of tissue clearing and light sheet imaging, together with some fantastic and amazingly knowledgeable people. If you are interested in how these powerful emerging techniques can be used – and used together – check it out!

Ueda HR, Dodt HU, Osten P, Economo MN, Chandrashekar J, Keller PJ (2020) Whole-brain Profiling of Cells and Circuits in Mammals by Tissue Clearing and Light-sheet microscopy. Neuron | DOI | pdf

MouseLight is in Cell!

Reconstruction of 1,000 Projection Neurons Reveals New Cell Types and Organization of Long-Range Connectivity in the Mouse Brain

Winnubst J, Bas E, Ferreira TA, Wu Z, Economo MN, Edson P, Arthur BJ, Bruns C, Rokicki K, Schauder D, Olbris DJ, Murphy SD, Ackerman DG, Arshadi C, Baldwin P, Blake R, Elsayed A, Hasan M, Ramirez R, Dos Santos B, Weldon M, Zafar A, Dudmann JT, Gerfen CR, Hantman AW, Korff W, Sternson SM, Spruston N, Svoboda K, Chandrashekar J